Download brochures of our Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors, alignment system and software for acquisition and analysis of Shack-Hartmann images.

  • OMI: Single Pass (transmission)

Download OMI brochure

  • OMI-DUV-Vis: Single Pass covering from DUV to NIR (120-1100 nm) wavelength range

Download OMI-DUV-VIS-NIR brochure

  • OMI-UV-Vis: Single Pass covering from UV to NIR (300-1100 nm) wavelength range

Download OMI-UV-VIS-NIR brochure

  • OMI-45 Vis-NIR: Single Pass covering from Vis to NIR (300-1100 nm) wavelength range

Downloads OMI-45-VIS-NIR brochure

  • OMI-SWIR: Single Pass for the SWIR (700-1600 nm) wavelength range

Download OMI-SWIR brochure

  • OMI-MWIR: Single Pass for the MWIR (1.5-6 mm) wavelength range

Download OMI-MWIR brochure

  • Optino/Optino-m: Single and Double Pass (both transmission and reflection) 

Download Optino brochure

  • iOptino: Dual channel (Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and direct image)

Download iOptino brochure

  • Lentino: Single and Double Pass, motorized. Test diameters from 0.3 mm up to 20 mm

Download Lentino brochure

  • Opal: Single and Double Pass, motorized. Test diameters from 0.3 mm up to 60 mm

Download Opal brochure

  • Stella: Single pass. Test on-axis and off-axis in the field up to 100°

Download Stella brochure

  • Sfera: Test of mobile phone lenses and small lenses

Download Sfera brochure

  • Puntino: Dual channel wavefront sensor for testing Astronomical Telescopes

Download Puntino brochure

  • 5Star: Single Pass. Simultaneous test of optical systems on-axis and off-axis. 5/9/13 wavefront sensors

Download 5Star brochure

  • SpotOptics instruments and wavelength range: from UV (193 nm) to SWIR (1550 nm)  MWIR (1.5-6 m)  and LWIR (10.6 m high power CO2 lasers) 

Download brochure with SpotOptics wavefront sensors for different wavelength ranges

  • Accuracy of SpotOptics Wavefront Sensors: SpotOptics WFS vs. Interferometers

Download brochure on Accuracy of SpotOptics wavefront sensors