Sfera & Stella: Off-axis Motorized

  • Test in transmission (single pass).
  • In-built calibration unit.
  • Accurate motors with encoders for scanning movements.
  • Full control of instrument with SenSoft software.
  • Macro available for defining positions in the field.
  • Automatic scanning following positions defined in macro


  • Test on-axis and off-axis up to ±50° in transmission
  • Telecentric lenses
  • Digital camera lenses
  • TV and cinema lenses
  • 8 high-accuracy motors with encoders
  • For laboratory use
  • High sampling of points in the field


  • Test on-axis and off-axis
  • Full 360° coverage in Φ, ±35° in Θ in transmission
  • Test of small lenses,
  • Test of mobile phone lenses
  • 7 high-accuracy motors with encoders


Download brochure of Stella


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