Optino: Single & Double Pass

Optino-400 with SWIR camera
Optino-400 with SWIR camera

  • Optino is SpotOptics first Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor for testing optical elements in single and double pass
  • It is a very versatile wavefront sensor. The illumination light source for double pass is part of Optino
  • Motorized version available for getting collimation at different wavelengths
  • Superior software SenSoft for full control of the instrument: image acquisition and  Shack-Hartmann analysis
  • On-line continuous collimation and alignment check during motor movement or manual adjustment

Optino Specifications

  • Accurate metrology in single and double pass
  • OMI is mounted on Optino
  • Can test lenses and mirrors
  • Can test in parallel, convergent, divergent light
  • Online collimation guided by Sensoft software
  • Any focal length and diameter
  • Large dynamic range
  • Adaptable for production
  • Wide wavelength range with different cameras
  • High sampling option
  • Motorized version for automatic collimation at different wavelengths

Download brochure of Optino

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