5Star : Off-axis Multi Camera

  • Off-axis testing in one single shot
  • Fast measurement on 5 or 9 off-axis points without mechanical scanning
  • Ideal for the production line
  • Active alignment of composite optical elements


  • Field angles < 180°
  • Lens alignment
  • Sensor alignment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Tact time ≈2 secs
  • Small foot-print
  • Special tool for calibration of on-axis and off-axis points


  • SenSoft for 5Star
  • Different User Interface for Operator and Supervisor (password protected)
  • On-axis and off-axis simultaneous image acquisition with automatic regulation of exposure time, and check for collimation and alignment with respect to calibration image
  • On-axis and off-axis simultaneous Shack-Hartmann analysis, Zernike coefficients, Zonal and Modal Wavefront reconstruction, Spot Diagram, MTF
  • On-line and Off-line analysis
  • Full flexibility in selection and composition of output graphs for on-axis and off-axis points


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